Renewables Green things to make your Home or Business better place:

  • Solar PV  Live online.  Go to the energy tab to see real time information.

  • Solar Thermal systems for Hot Water – See our own solar thermal installation in Newton Abbot, Devon Live.  This page updates every 2 minuets throughout the day – Few its hot at the moment!

  • LED Lighting – Ideal for Kitchen, Lounge and Bedrooms, replacement lamps for GU10 halogen spots.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy will play a leading role in powering the UK homes and businesses, reducing greenhouse gases, securing a home-grown supply, and creating thousands of jobs.

Renewable Energy

The UK has an abundant source of natural, clean power, derived from the wind, waves and tides that surround us. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, nature’s energy will never run out. Switching to renewable energy is essential for reducing the devastating effects of climate change, and protecting the natural environment for future generations.

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Onshore Wind
As the most mature and cost-effective source of renewable energy, onshore wind is expected to continue making an affordable, clean and significant contribution to the UK’s energy mix.

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Offshore Wind
The UK has been the world leader in offshore wind since October 2008, with as much capacity already installed as the rest of the world combined.

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Small & Medium Wind
Generating energy with a wind turbine is the perfect way to reduce your energy bills, make some money and help the environment.

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Wave & Tidal Energy
The pull of the tides, and the movement of waves, produces a vast amount of power that can be harnessed by modern technology.

Technologies are developing fast and costs are coming down, making renewables a truly commercial option. As the industry matures, the UK will be well placed to meet its target of 30 per cent renewable energy by 2020. This will reduce the risks associated with climate change and set an example for the rest of the world. In the process, hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created, and we will develop long-term domestic energy security.

Energy security is increasingly important as our Indigenous sources of fossil fuels run out. We are too often reliant on importing expensive coal, oil and gas from overseas, leaving us vulnerable to fluctuations in global prices, and problems with cross-border supply. In the long-run, the UK will not only be able to stop importing fuel, but export home-grown energy to countries with a limited natural supply.

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